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Talking ‘bout a resolution

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Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other 

Abraham Lincoln

The turkey’s been demolished, the Quality Street quaffed and the recycling bin is bursting…..now what? Thoughts turn to the next biggie of the festive season – bringing in the New Year – and with it the inevitable resolutions.

Whether it’s getting fit, shifting a few pounds, applying for a new job or trying something new, the New Year is a key marker for many of us to dispose of bad habits and embrace something new. Before the month is out however, many of us simply give up on our good intentions and slip back into the usual habits with the same old excuses. With a bit of focus though, you can keep your resolutions. Just take a look at my tips for resolution success to make that change stick in 2014.

One at a time

Don’t set yourself more than one resolution – you will have a much greater success rate if you focus solely on one aspect of your life that you want to change.

Break it down

Don’t try to do it all at once. Break your resolution down into manageable, time-bound chunks to avoid feeling overwhelmed and so that you can see the progress you’re making.

Track it

Monitor your progress visibly – post-its on the fridge or the mirror; messages on a white board will spur you on to reaching your goal.

Shout about it!

Let your colleagues know your resolution; talk to your friends about it and get your family on board to support your efforts to stick with it.

Don’t give up!

It’s easy to throw the towel in but reminding yourself of the benefits of achieving your particular resolution is a powerful motivator – whether it’s getting fitter, keeping healthy , earning more money or finding an exciting new job

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